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Identify and Contain Breach As Quickly As Possible
This sounds like an obvious rule of thumb for any business, but it’s not nearly as simple as it sounds. The average time to identify a breach in 2019 is 185 days! That’s half a year. Then after that, the average time to contain a breach is around 75 days. These numbers are much higher than you might expect. But often data breaches go unnoticed for months. This comes down to one main reason: businesses are not alerted to the breach at the time of the attack.

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Unless you’re aware of the attack at the time that its happening, how could you possibly know your data has been compromised? Imagine that one day while you were out at work someone broke into your home. They made a copy of your passport and then left unnoticed, leaving no evidence of their presence. How could you possibly know that something was amiss? Unless you knew for certain that someone had been in your home? It’s a similar concept. This is why data breaches take so long to identify. As a result, compromised data could be used in a damaging way well before the affected party even realises.

The challenge in making sure your business isn’t one of these statistics lies in your cyber security management. Implement active network monitoring, data loss prevention, and next-gen firewall with anti-malware. These tools are all designed to alert you to any suspicious activity and attempted breaches.

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