How do you ensure business continuity and close all the security gaps in your multi-cloud architecture and critical applications during times of crisis?

Our Director of Threat Intelligence, Pascal Geenens, shares expert insights into today’s increased attack surface, including VPN vulnerabilities and availability risks, phishing scams, and automated threats. 

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When you’re alerted to an update for your device or one of your apps, don’t ignore it — install it as soon as possible. Updates aren’t just about adding new features. They’re also about fixing vulnerabilities in a device or an app that attackers could find and use to gain access to your system. If your device can’t receive updates anymore, we recommend planning to upgrade to a newer model. 

We all have so many online accounts now that it’s become hard to keep track of all of the passwords we need for them. To combat this, many of us use the same password for all of our accounts, or stick to two or three different ones that we use over and over. The problem with this is that if an attacker gets access to one of your account passwords, it often gives them access to many of your other accounts as well.

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