CCNP Security

The (CCNP Security) CISCO Certified Network Professional Security certification program offered at CETPA is designed in a way to exactly match the job responsibilities of a CISCO Network Security Engineer who is responsible for the Security of Switches, Routers, appliances, and Networking devices. The training also provides theoretical and practical knowledge about selecting, deploying, troubleshooting and supporting IDS/IPS, firewalls, and VPS solutions for the networking requirements.

Our CCNP training class in Noida is ideal for Network Security Engineers who want to accelerate their career which now requires them to have a holistic end-to-end understanding of the entire security infrastructure. The course is an efficient way for the engineers to ensure that they have all the required skills and knowledge required for servicing, maintaining, and supporting CISCO network security solutions. CCNP Security provides technical know-how of enforcing cyber security performance, meet compliance standards, and get high-quality security service levels.

CCNP Certification was established by CISCO in the year 1998 along with CCNA Certification. As this was the first professional-level certification by CISCO, it has anexcellent reputation of being a certificate which confirms high network security knowledge.

The certification lays a major emphasis on routing and switching along with a number of other topics. Currently, CCNP Security Certification requires an individual to only clear three exams as compared to fours exams in the past. The current version of the certificate majorly focuses on ROUTE and SWITCH skills.

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