Comptia cloud Plus meaning

Profitable world of cloud computing
With each passing quarter, Amazon, Microsoft and Google have been setting new records, while cloud computing has become the invisible backbone supporting much of our daily lives. Its potential to become an even bigger part of people’s daily existence is sky-high.

The rising popularity of the cloud has gone hand-in-hand with that of 4G broadband technology and of smartphones: The combined power of the network and of servers makes it possible for us to listen to music, to watch videos, to work remotely, to post on social media or to request a ride and watch it arrive, in real time, on a smartphone map.

Companies and individuals can buy not just cloud-based storage but also processing power, Internet services and software, all of it situated not in one’s computer or smartphone but in huge data centers.

There are now even cloud services for video games, which require enormous amounts of data and extremely rapid response times.m“Cloud gaming," as with other uses, lets users dispense with expensive and fast-outdated equipment.

Most big companies and institutions now access the cloud either through their own private servers or as a client of a public cloud provided by a company such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google.

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