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While you may not need to use these terms in your everyday conversation, their function effects your daily life both at home, at work, and in public.  Connectivity for retrieving or sharing information via voice, text, email, online banking, transaction processing, etc.. is essential.  So, whether you are checking the balance of your bank account, making an online purchase, or logging into work remotely, these technologies are at play.

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When it comes to business operations, it is important to know what your options are for speed, security, and quality of service. 

This is a rapidly changing environment; and there have been significant developments in this technology. Not too long ago a technology called Frame Relay was the dominant WAN technology, but Frame Relay was replaced with a faster, smarter service called MPLS, or Multi Protocol Label Switching. MPLS provides guaranteed performance with quality of service (QoS) policies that govern throughput, delay and jitter; all threats to the quality of your downloads, uploads, and voice over internet (VoIP) phone calls.

Since MPLS can be expensive and time consuming to implement, some organizations are utilizing SD-WAN and increased internet bandwidth to increase their security and agility. While these abilities used to only make sense for enterprise-size companies, now there are options available even for smaller companies to utilize SD-WAN capabilities as a service.  This enables them to maximize their bandwidth and improve the security of their information at a reasonable cost

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