IT Administrator

IT Administrator - Systems Support Analyst

The primary role of IT Administrators is to oversee and maintain all aspects of a company’s computer infrastructure. This includes maintaining networks, servers and security programs and systems. IT Administrators manage the upgrade and installation of new hardware and software, perform troubleshooting to address any problems with computer systems, and assess viruses and potential threats to a company’s network. IT Administrators might also monitor the use of email, create and change passwords, make suggestions for improvements to computer systems, backup data and perform data recovery if needed.

IT Administrators generally work in almost any type of industry and often oversee departments of 20-50 IT employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), IT Administrators can expect to see an 8 percent growth rate in employment through 2024. While the majority of this growth is expected to be seen in the healthcare industry as health institutions upgrade and utilize new technology for patient communications and records management, it is believed that many industries will continue to implement faster systems for data storage and transmission.


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