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Work From Home
People who work from home used to be like exotic animals. You heard about them, of course, but you never actually saw one in the wild. If you were lucky enough to encounter someone who worked from home, a barrage of questions followed. “Don’t you get lonely? Do you just sit in your underwear all day? What did you do to your boss to become exiled from the office?”

But over time, as technology advanced and society changed, working from home became more desirable. People wanted the flexibility to balance their life and work, and to set their own hours where possible. Plus, organizations realized that there was a wealth of talent waiting for them outside the radius of commuting distance.

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Then in the spring of 2020, everything changed. The COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic hit, and “work from home” became the reality for most office workers around the world. CEOs who had been ignoring the benefits of a home workforce were suddenly forced to test a new remote way to work with their companies.

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