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Pretend you're using Windows with Kali Linux Undercover Mode

The latest version of Kali Linux 2019.4 introduced undercover mode. Find out what this undercover mode is and how to use it.

What is Kali Linux's undercover mode?

The 2019.4 version of Kali Linux introduced an interesting new feature called 'undercover mode'. This is basically a script that changes the look of your Kali Linux and makes it look like Windows 10, At first glance it will look as if you were running a Windows operating system.

As you can see, unless one looks closely, it's not easy to understand that it's not a Windows computer.

Undercover mode can be useful in several situations. For example, if you use your laptop in a public place and do not want to "alert" the person sitting next to you with the Kali Dragon, the undercover mode helps you blend in.

This could also be used to lure in some tech support cheater who offers to help repair the computer and instead install malware .

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