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How Many DDoS Attacks Happen a Day?
In the current landscape report from Incapsula, some trends are noticeable with DDoS attacks. For one, application layer attacks are growing more advanced with more and more bots that know how to pass standard security challenges. Network layer attacks are also growing more sophisticated with multi-vector attacks growing and perpetrators combining high Gbps and high Mpps attack vectors. In the case of application layer attacks, the expanded use of browser-like DDoS bots is reported. In addition, they also saw attackers exploring uncommon attack methods and uploading scripts to mount a multi-gigabit POST flood attack. In the case of network layer attacks, the trend translated into the increased use of high Mpps assaults. Further in the research it is documented that:

Online ddos attack:
  • Longest network layer attack lasted 48.5 hours
  • Longest application layer attack lasted for 36 days
  • Largest network layer attack peaked at 200+ gigabits per second
  • Largest application layer attack peaked at 100,100 requests per second
  • Highest attack rate for network layer attacks was 120+ million packets per second
  • Top targeting attacking countries in 2016 were South Korea accounting for 29.5% of the attacks, and Eastern Europe countries such as Russia with 10.8%, and Ukraine with 10.1%. Top targeted countries are US accounting for 50.3% of the attacks, United Kingdom with 9.2% and Japan with 6.7%. The following up are Ireland, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Australia.

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