Microsoft Office Specialist Roles

If you use the Microsoft Office suite, read these quick tips from Sharon Sheppard the owner of OutofhoursAdmin.

The Microsoft Office suite has always tried to improve the productivity levels of its users by implementing tools that save us time. Below are my 3 top tips (for version 2007 onwards) that I find useful to help shave a few minutes off work each day.

1. Quick Access Toolbar
With the introduction of the ribbon on versions 2007 onwards, many of us found it difficult to locate our most used commands, e.g. print, save etc. Luckily Microsoft brought in the Quick Access Toolbar, known as QAT for short. Any commands that you use on a regular basis, for example Save, Print Preview, Spellcheck etc. should be kept on the QAT for ease of use (especially if you can never remember the keyboard shortcuts!).

The QAT is found at the very top of the screen (above the ribbon) on all MS Office applications. To add commands to the QAT click on the drop down arrow on the right of the bar.

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