SD-WAN, or Software-Defined Wide Area Networking, is quickly altering the way that businesses network in the modern world. This technology uses software to automate network traffic over several connection types, delivering a cost-efficient, secure, cloud-based WAN connection. But what does this mean for your small to medium-sized business — and should your SMB adopt an SD-WAN?

Here is what you should consider:

Reduced Network Costs: SD-WAN helps reduce your networking costs by allowing you to use whatever connection makes the most economic sense for your business. Instead of forcing all of your locations to use the same connection type, regardless of what works best in the area, your sites can use different connection types but maintain security and integrity with a single SD-WAN.

This means your business no longer needs to pay for private connections, MPLS connections and firewalls at every site, and you can choose the connection type that works best for you.

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Improved Productivity and Efficiency: Being able to get online quickly and stay online throughout the day is one of the critical components of employee productivity in the modern age. With SD-WAN, you can ensure that this happens with intelligent routing that delivers more bandwidth over existing Internet connections, giving each employee the best application performance and a fast user experience.

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