NOC Technician

The Network Operations Center, or NOC, is the beating heart of the data center. The room is hung with TV screens and stuffed with computers, staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So what are the NOC technicians up to during all that time? Quite a bit, actually. Let's take a look at a night in the life of a NOC tech.

Physical Facility Monitoring
NOC staff must ensure the reliability of data center equipment as well as facility security. A tech might start off their evening with a walkthrough of the entire data center floor, checking that equipment is locked (all colocation clients have their own cages or modules). While they're at it, they'll look for any environmental issues, checking for overly hot or cold equipment, reading the humidity levels, and sniffing the air for any abnormal scents (fried motherboards have a very particular smell). They must have sharp ears, listening for grinding hard drives or shorting equipment.

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NOC techs spend a good chunk of time every shift on customer support, responding to all incoming calls or tickets, which are digital requests for assistance generated through our customer portal. Every ticket is responded to as soon as possible to alert customers that a NOC staff member is on the case and taking appropriate steps to resolve the issue. Most problems are solved within an hour or two maximum, and every ticket at least receives a response within just a few minutes.

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