SD WAN Network

The smartphone is essentially a computer now, and they may not be as stable and unflappable as the NASA supercomputers of 1969, but they do have millions of times more computational potential than those monoliths had. In fact, some think smartphones could even replace computers for some businesses. Then there are tablets and all-in-one desktop computers where a thicker monitor holds the entire computer. There are laptops and even desktops and laptops that offer touchscreen input now, and what you pay often dictates how long your tech will be relevant.

If there’s a problem in the computer world now, it's that obsolescence is a constant threat. Technology moves so fast and changes so rapidly that many products are rendered obsolete inside of two to three years. Staying up to date with hardware and apps can make all the difference in program stability, up time and the opportunities offered through tech. Just some of the ways computers help in business is with programs that help expedite:

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Project management
Production and productivity management
Design and engineering
Expense tracking and budgeting
Inventory management and shipping tracking
Industry oversight and alerts
Database and information management
Client care
Tracking related industry news via alerts
Communication and Collaboration
Third-party apps on computers and other devices have radically transformed business, and offices are beginning to be more virtual than actual. With programs like Slack, teams now collaborate around the world in real time. Video interfacing through meeting apps like Zoom allows multiple parties to meet in one virtual space with full video and audio.

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