SLA Based Services

The Importance of Service Level Agreement and Indicators and Metrics:

With the establishment of the SLA, not only the contracting company, but the service provider itself, can have various assurances that the bond will be transparent and productive. That's why we mention the impact of the SLA on credibility across the industry.

For the contractor, for example, it is possible to foresee fines in case of non-compliance with any established services or goals, which can reassure the manager regarding the contract signed.

On the other hand, the service company also protects itself against any abuse or improper charges by the contracting company. This is possible because the contractor will work based on a pre-established script.

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For example, by hiring the right expert staff or developing contingency action plans to meet defined service goals. These measures even favor internal planning itself.

It's important to make it clear that the SLA must be managed, giving rise to what we call Service Level Management (SLM) or Service Level Management (GNS). For this task to be effective, you need a series of indicators that enable a transparent relationship between your IT company and your customers, such as Service Availability and Failure Response Time Indicators ( MTBF ).

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