Switch Board Operator

Switchboard Operator Position Summary:

1) Controls equipment, like current converters, voltage transformers, and circuit breakers, that regulate flow of electricity through substation of electric power system over distribution lines to consumers.

2) Records readings of switchboard instruments to compile data concerning quantities of electric power used for substation operation amounts distributed from station.

3) Communicates with Load Dispatcher to report amount of electricity received into substation and to receive switching instructions.

4) Observes switchboard instruments to detect indications of line disturbances, like grounded, shorted, or open circuits.

5) Pulls circuit breaker switch or pushes buttons to interrupt flow of current in disturbed line preparatory to repair, and to connect alternate circuit to carry load of deenergized lines.

6) Records temperature of transformers at specified intervals.

7) May inspect equipment, like transformers, pumps, fans, batteries, and circuit breakers to detect defects.

8) May calculate average and peak load conditions from electric recording instrument data compile periodic report of load variations for system planning purposes.

9) May locate and replace defective fuses and switches, using test lamp handtools.

10) May be designated according to primary function of substation as Substation Operator, Conversion ; Substation Operator, Distribution r.r.

11) trans.; ; Substation Operator, Transforming .

12) May operate auxiliary generators be designated Substation Operator, Generation .

13) May control several remote-controlled substations from central station switchboard be designated Substation Operator, Automatic ..

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